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        Investor Relations Management

        In order to achieve the goal of maximizing the value of the company and maximizing the interests of the company's related parties,  Sunrise is committed to establishing active relationship management with investors and potential investors, deepening investors' understanding and recognition of the company, promoting long-term and stable cooperation between the company and investors, improving the company's image, core competitiveness and sustainable development ability. Under the premise of abiding by national laws and regulations and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) on information disclosure of listed companies, Ningbo Sunrise guarantees the right to be informed and other relevant legitimate rights and interests of all investors

        The Company will hold investor reception days from time to time (except for the silent period before the disclosure of earnings preannouncement, preliminary earnings estimate and periodic reports). If in demand, investors can make an appointment with the securities department of the Company through telephone, email or other means.